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PDFWAC 246-227-150

Special requirements for permanent radiographic installation.

Permanent radiographic installations having high radiation area entrance controls of the types described in WAC 246-221-102(1) or where the high radiation area is locked to protect against unauthorized or accidental entry, shall also meet the following special requirements:
(1) Each entrance that is used for personnel access to the high radiation area in a permanent radiographic installation to which this section applies shall have both visible and audible warning signals to warn of the presence of radiation. The visible signal shall be actuated by radiation whenever the x-rays are exposed. The audible signal shall be actuated when an attempt is made to enter the installation while x-rays are being generated.
(2) Both visible and audible alarm systems are required and shall be tested prior to the first use of a source in the installation and thereafter at intervals not to exceed three months. Records of the tests shall be kept for three years.
(3) The department shall review and approve, in advance of construction, plans for permanent radiographic installations whose construction had not commenced by the effective date of these regulations. Construction of the permanent facility shall be in accordance with the plans approved by the department.
(4) A physical radiation survey shall be conducted and results recorded following construction or major modification of the facility to be used in the installation. Radiography shall not be conducted if exposure levels in unrestricted areas are greater than 2mR in any hour. Any increase in output capability of radiation machines will require resurvey of the installation prior to the conduct of industrial radiography.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050. WSR 94-01-073, ยง 246-227-150, filed 12/9/93, effective 1/9/94.]
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