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PDFWAC 246-225-99920

Appendix II—Determination of competency.

The following are areas in which the department considers it important that an individual have expertise for the competent operation of X-ray equipment.
(1) Familiarization with equipment.
(a) Identification of controls.
(b) Function of each control.
(c) The use of a technique chart.
(2) Radiation protection.
(a) Collimation.
(b) Filtration.
(c) Gonad shielding and other patient protection devices.
(d) Restriction of X-ray tube radiation to the image receptor.
(e) Personnel protection.
(f) Grids.
(3) Film processing.
(a) Film speed as relates to patient exposure.
(b) Film processing parameters.
(c) Quality assurance and quality control.
(4) Emergency procedures.
Termination of exposure in event of automatic timing device failure.
(5) Proper use of personnel dosimetry, if required.
(6) Understanding units of radiation.
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