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PDFWAC 246-215-08430

Report of findingsDocumenting information and observations (FDA Food Code 8-403.10).

The regulatory authority shall document on an inspection report form approved by the Washington state department of health:
(1) Administrative information about the food establishment's legal identity, street and mailing addresses, type of establishment and operation as specified under WAC 246-215-08325(3), inspection date, and other information such as type of water supply and sewage disposal, status of the permit, and personnel certificates that may be required; and
(2) Specific factual observations of violative conditions or other deviations from this chapter that require correction by the permit holder including:
(a) Failure of the person in charge to demonstrate the knowledge of foodborne illness prevention, application of HACCP principles, and the requirements of this chapter specified under WAC 246-215-02105;
(b) Failure of food employees, conditional employees, and the person in charge to demonstrate knowledge of their responsibility to report a disease or medical condition;
(c) Nonconformance with this chapter;
(d) Failure of the appropriate food employees to demonstrate their knowledge of, and ability to perform in accordance with, the procedural, monitoring, verification, and corrective action practices required by the regulatory authority as specified under WAC 246-215-08120;
(e) Failure of the person in charge to provide records required by the regulatory authority for determining conformance with a haccp plan as specified under WAC 246-215-08215 (4)(f); and
(f) Nonconformance with critical limits of a haccp plan.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050 and 43.20.145. WSR 21-01-122, § 246-215-08430, filed 12/15/20, effective 3/1/22; WSR 13-03-109, § 246-215-08430, filed 1/17/13, effective 5/1/13.]
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