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PDFWAC 246-215-03363

Preventing contamination by consumersFood display (FDA Food Code 3-306.11).

(1) Except for nuts in the shell and whole raw fruits and vegetables that are intended for hulling, peeling, or washing by the consumer before consumption, food on display must be protected from contamination by the use of packaging; counter, service line, or salad bar food guards; display cases; or other effective means;
(2) If packaged for consumer self-service, hard crusted breads such as baguettes must be completely covered and may be open at one end.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050 and 43.20.145. WSR 21-01-122, § 246-215-03363, filed 12/15/20, effective 3/1/22; WSR 13-03-109, § 246-215-03363, filed 1/17/13, effective 5/1/13.]
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