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PDFWAC 246-11-080

Filing and service of documents.

(1) For purposes of this section "document" means pleadings, briefs, exhibits, orders, or other materials requested or relevant to an adjudicative proceeding.
(2) Filing. Filing is the act of delivering documents to the adjudicative clerk's office.
(a) A party must file with the adjudicative clerk's office documents required or allowed pursuant to this chapter.
(b) Unless otherwise provided by law or directed by the presiding officer, documents must be filed by:
(i) Hand delivery to the adjudicative clerk's office, except when the office is closed during normal business hours due to exigent circumstances;
(ii) First class, registered, or certified mail;
(iii) Fax transmission;
(iv) Electronic mail sent to; or
(v) Other secure electronic means as established by the department.
(c) The date of filing is the date the documents are received by the adjudicative clerk's office.
(d) Filing is effective when the documents are received by the adjudicative clerk's office during normal business hours. For documents received after 5:00 p.m. on a business day or on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the filing is effective the next business day.
(3) Service. Service is the act of delivering a document to a party or a party's designated representative.
(a) Unless otherwise provided by law, documents must be served by:
(i) Personal service;
(ii) First class, registered, or certified mail; or
(iii) Fax transmission.
(b) A party must serve copies of documents required or allowed by this chapter prior to or simultaneously with filing the original document with the adjudicative clerk's office.
(c) Service is complete when the documents are:
(i) Personally served;
(ii) Properly stamped, addressed, and deposited in the United States mail; or
(iii) Successfully transmitted by fax.
(d) A party may prove service by filing in compliance with this chapter any of the following:
(i) An acknowledgment of service; or
(ii) A certificate of service including the date the documents were served, the parties upon whom served, the signature of the serving party, and a statement specifying which type of service was used.
(e) Service on a licensee, applicant, or a person requesting an adjudicative proceeding will be made at the last known address provided to the department in accordance with WAC 246-12-310, unless the program has actual knowledge of a different correct address for the person being served.
(4) The parties may agree to use electronic mail for service of documents.
(5) A party may agree with the adjudicative clerk's office to service of documents via electronic mail or other secure electronic means as established by the department, including notices of hearing, initial orders, and final orders.
(6) The adjudicative clerk's office will serve documents via electronic mail or other secure electronic means as established by the department in those cases in which all parties have agreed to electronic service.
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