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PDFWAC 246-102-070

Access and release of information.

(1) Information collected by the state cancer registry shall be used only for statistical, scientific, medical research and public health purposes.
(2) The department may release state cancer registry information for research purposes:
(a) After the research project has been reviewed and approved by the Washington state institutional review board; and
(b) After a written agreement between the department and the researcher is in place regarding state cancer registry information accessed, used or disclosed. Written agreements shall incorporate:
(i) The confidentiality requirements in RCW 42.48.020; and
(ii) The department's data security requirements.
(3) The department may release state cancer registry information for projects to assess threats to public health or improve public health practice after the project has been reviewed and approved by the department and a data-sharing agreement is in place.
(4) The state cancer registry shall publish an annual report that includes:
(a) Age-adjusted incidence rates;
(b) Age-adjusted mortality rates; and
(c) Age-adjusted incidence and mortality rates by sex, race, ethnicity, and county at diagnosis subject to confidentially requirements.
(5) The state cancer registry shall make available to health care facilities and health care providers:
(a) Information for patients and their families that describes the purpose of the state cancer registry;
(b) The statutory requirements;
(c) The intended use of case information;
(d) The circumstances under which cancer registry information is disclosed.
(6) The state cancer registry shall exchange data with states that have a data exchange agreement in place. The data provided to other states shall only include cancer cases with an address at the time of diagnosis outside the borders of Washington state.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.54.240 through 70.54.270. WSR 11-20-107, § 246-102-070, filed 10/5/11, effective 11/5/11. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.54.270, 43.20.050, 43.70.130. WSR 01-04-086, § 246-102-070, filed 2/7/01, effective 3/10/01.]
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