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PDFWAC 246-102-040

Data collection and submission requirements.

(1) Reporting entities shall prepare and submit case reports in a format provided by the state cancer registry.
(2) Reporting entities shall submit completed case reports to the state cancer registry within six months of the date of diagnosis or date patient is first seen for first course treatment, if the diagnosis was made at another health care facility or by another health care provider.
(3) Case reports shall include the following information from the patient's medical records:
(a) Patient information:
(i) Name (last, first, middle);
(ii) Address at time of diagnosis;
(iii) Sex;
(iv) Race(s);
(v) Spanish/hispanic origin;
(vi) Birthdate;
(vii) Age at time of diagnosis;
(viii) Social Security number;
(ix) State or country of birth;
(x) Usual occupation, or if retired, primary occupation before retirement;
(xi) Primary payor;
(b) Diagnostic information:
(i) Date of patient's first contact with the reporting entity for the diagnosis or treatment of the cancer;
(ii) Date diagnosis made;
(iii) Primary site of originating tumor;
(iv) Laterality (if applicable);
(v) Histology type or types, behavior and grade of tumor;
(vi) Documentation, including dates, of pertinent diagnostic or evaluation studies, and biopsies;
(vii) Written documentation that describes the stage of disease at diagnosis, including Collaborative Staging coding used;
(viii) Sequence number;
(c) First course of treatment information:
(i) Date initial treatment began or the date the decision for no treatment was made;
(ii) Description of all treatment given as part of the first course treatment including, but not limited to, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, BRM/immunotherapy, hormone or other therapies, or a statement as to why no treatment was given;
(d) Other information:
(i) Date of last contact;
(ii) Vital status at time of last contact;
(iii) Identification of reporting entity providing information:
(A) Name and address; or
(B) National Provider Identification number; and
(iv) Other items necessary to meet the reporting requirements of the state cancer registry as provided annually.
(4) For the purpose of assuring high quality data, the state cancer registry will publish reporting guidelines for assistance in completing the requirements in subsections (2) and (3) of this section, which will be available on the registry's website.
(5) All laboratories shall provide:
(a) Report files within ten days of the close of each month or on a schedule determined by the volume of reports acquired daily and approved by the state cancer registry;
(b) Updated information made to reports resulting in addendums and amendments; and
(c) Patient demographic information.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.54.240 through 70.54.270. WSR 11-20-107, § 246-102-040, filed 10/5/11, effective 11/5/11. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.54.270, 43.20.050, 43.70.130. WSR 01-04-086, § 246-102-040, filed 2/7/01, effective 3/10/01.]
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