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PDFWAC 230-16-152

Card shuffling devices connecting to a secure cellular network for billing purposes.

Card shuffling devices can be connected to a secure cellular network for billing purposes.
(1) For the purposes of this rule:
(a) A secure cellular network includes the card shuffling device and a cellular modem that is used to transmit information via a secure cellular network.
(b) Billing purposes means transmitting historical shuffler data that is used when billing is based on the number of successful shuffles. Shuffler data includes:
(i) Equipment statistics such as software versions, serial numbers, network information, hard count meters, and shuffler configuration information; and
(ii) Usage information such as hard count meters, successful and unsuccessful shuffles, shuffles completed by service, number of card sorts, and the number of cards in each shuffle; and
(iii) History logs such as shuffler malfunctions, card recognition errors, and maintenance logs; and
(iv) Test messages used for setup.
(2) The following requirements apply when connecting card shuffling devices to a secure cellular network for billing purposes:
(a) An identical or substantially similar card shuffling device connected to a secure cellular network must be tested and approved by us, as outlined in WAC 230-06-050, before it can be used; and
(b) The transmitted data must not include card specific information, live gaming data, or any other gambling information; and
(c) Except for a confirmation notification from the network that the shuffler data was successfully received, there may only be one-way communication from the card shuffling device to the secure cellular network; and
(d) Transmitted information may only be accessed by the licensee or licensed manufacturer; and
(e) A record must be kept of all information transmitted and made available to us upon request.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 19-15-061, ยง 230-16-152, filed 7/15/19, effective 8/15/19.]
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