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PDFWAC 230-16-100

Seal card pull-tab series.

(1) Manufacturers of seal card pull-tab series must meet all standards of pull-tab construction, including the seals on the flare; and
(2) The seal card pull-tab series must include forms to attach to the pull-tabs. The forms must list enough information to contact the winners of the seal card round; and
(3) Manufacturers must meet all requirements for flares and substitute flares. The flare may include up to two seals. The second seal may be offered as an additional prize, not as an alternative to the original seal prize; and
(4) The flare must clearly state:
(a) The number of tabs available to advance to the seal card round; and
(b) How the seal card round winner is determined; and
(c) The number of instant winner tabs; and
(d) The number of winning seal card round tabs; and
(5) If using perforated windows for the seal on the flare, manufacturers must cover the numbers or symbols to prevent detection of the winner before opening.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 07-19-069 (Order 615), ยง 230-16-100, filed 9/17/07, effective 1/1/08.]
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