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PDFWAC 230-15-671

Jackpot prizes.

House-banked card room licensees may offer and operate "jackpot" prizes with approved house-banked card games.
(1) "Jackpot" prizes are cash prizes displayed at house-banked card game tables. Jackpot prizes are won by achieving a predetermined specific hand. There are two types of "jackpot" prize schemes:
(a) Progressive jackpots: A jackpot prize which increases in real-time based on each wager placed. Licensees must:
(i) Collect players' wagers to allocate towards a separate progressive jackpot prize. Approved game rules determine how a progressive jackpot accrues; and
(ii) Adjust the master games report in the prescribed format to reflect daily accrued prizes; and
(iii) Act only as the custodian of the progressive jackpot funds; and
(iv) Maintain no legal right to funds collected for the posted progressive jackpot prize or reserve funds which have not been recorded as gross receipts; and
(v) Strictly account for all funds collected.
(b) House jackpots: A fixed prize amount funded by the licensee that does not accrue or incrementally increase each time a wager is made to any guaranteed player fund or prize. Licensees must:
(i) Follow approved game rules related to house jackpots; and
(ii) Not adjust the master games report for house jackpot prizes; and
(iii) Award the posted house jackpot prize to each player achieving the predetermined winning hand; and
(iv) Conspicuously post the following at the table:
(A) The fixed prize amount; and
(B) A disclosure defining the jackpot prize as a house jackpot which involves no player funded money; and
(C) A disclosure to the players stating that the house jackpot may be removed without prior notice.
(2) Only progressive jackpots may use approved gambling equipment where the jackpot meter shows a real-time incrementally increasing progressive jackpot prize amount.
(3) House jackpots may use approved gambling equipment. Displayed prize amounts may only be adjusted manually by the licensee.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 21-11-057, ยง 230-15-671, filed 5/14/21, effective 6/14/21.]
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