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PDFWAC 230-15-050

Minimum cash on hand requirements.

(1) Card game licensees must have sufficient cash on hand to redeem all chips issued for play and pay out all prizes.
(2) Within three hours of opening for the business day, at a time included in the internal controls, house-banked card game licensees must have at least the following minimum amount of cash on premises in their cage, safe, and vault combined:
(a) One thousand dollars for each house-banked table on the gambling floor; plus
(b) The amount of the largest single prize available excluding progressive jackpot, player-supported jackpot, and house jackpot prizes.
For example: If a house-banked card room has 15 house-banked tables and a largest single prize of $23,000, before opening, the cage must have at least $38,000 on hand: 15 tables x $1,000 = $15,000 + largest single prize of $23,000 = $38,000.
(3) Except for the restrictions on player-supported jackpot pay outs in WAC 230-15-405 and progressive jackpot pay outs in WAC 230-15-690, licensees may pay prizes by check if sufficient funds are available on deposit.
(4) Failure to keep funds to cash in chips, pay prizes, or redeem gambling related checks is prima facie evidence of fraud. Meeting the minimum cage cash amount does not relieve the licensee from the requirement to have sufficient funds available to redeem all chips and pay out all prizes.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 22-01-182, § 230-15-050, filed 12/20/21, effective 1/20/22; WSR 09-03-024 (Order 640), § 230-15-050, filed 1/9/09, effective 2/9/09; WSR 07-23-081 (Order 620), § 230-15-050, filed 11/20/07, effective 1/1/08; WSR 07-09-033 (Order 608), § 230-15-050, filed 4/10/07, effective 1/1/08.]
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