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PDFWAC 230-15-025

Hours of play.

(1) Licensees may allow the use of their premises for card playing twenty-four hours a day with written approval from us.
(2) After we have received a written request, we will consult with the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the licensee's business and with other state agencies involved in regulation of the business.
(3) After you have received written approval to operate twenty-four hours a day you may change your hours of operation without further approval from us. Class F and house-banked card rooms must include their hours of operation in their internal controls.
(4) You must also meet the following requirements:
(a) Open the food and/or drink business being stimulated to the public for business any time licensees are conducting card games; and
(b) Comply with any other terms and conditions we require.
(5) We may deny the request for extended hours or revoke hours already approved if:
(a) The local law enforcement agency or a state agency objects; or
(b) We determine that the licensee has violated any provisions of chapter 9.46 RCW, any other commission rule, or any of the terms of our approval.
(6) Licensees must submit all objections to revocations of operating hours in writing.
(7) If requested, we allow the licensee an opportunity for a brief adjudicative proceeding (BAP) before denying or revoking the licensee's authorization for extended card game hours. An administrative law judge hears the BAP, under the provisions of Title 230 WAC and chapter 34.05 RCW.
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