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PDFWAC 230-13-035

Group 5—Hand/eye coordination amusement game standards.

In Group 5 games, players perform task(s) using hand and eye coordination to win a prize.
(1) Hand and eye coordination amusement games must include one or more of the following:
(a) Striking a moving or fixed object or target including a sequence of moving or fixed objects or targets; or
(b) Launching object(s) at target(s) from a mechanism. Players must aim object(s) so they may land in, on, or go through a target(s), including catching the target(s) or having the object(s) caught in the target(s). In games where players launch, toss, or catapult objects at target(s), the launching machine must respond in an identical manner on repetitive uses when the player applies or selects an equal amount of force; or
(c) Dropping object(s) onto target area(s) or surface(s), including covering the area(s), or surface(s) with the object(s). If a player must cover a spot or specific target area, then the target area must be a circular spot and:
(i) The player must receive at least five circular discs to drop on the target or target area; and
(ii) The diameter of the circular discs used to cover the target or target area must be at least sixty-four percent of the diameter of the target spot or area; and
(iii) The target spot or area must be permanently affixed to a solid surface; or
(d) Capturing, lassoing, hooking, or getting a hold of an object(s) and causing them to move or change position; or
(e) Guiding object(s) or images through a pattern, maze, or task; or
(f) Climbing on, over, through, or around object(s); or
(g) Similar tasks.
(2) For any game requiring a player to perform a task normally associated with playing billiards or pool, operators must allow players to use a regulation billiard table, balls, and cue.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 07-15-064 (Order 612), § 230-13-035, filed 7/16/07, effective 1/1/08.]
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