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PDFWAC 230-11-320

Electronic raffle operating requirements.

Electronic raffle licensees must:
(1) Ensure the electronic raffle system and all other equipment used to conduct the raffle is functioning properly and fully operational by testing it using the form, prescribed by us, prior to each electronic raffle. If issues are identified, electronic raffle licensees must notify the licensed gambling manager immediately. If the issues cannot be resolved, the licensee must not conduct the electronic raffle; and
(2) Ensure that if any of the components of the electronic raffle system, such as the raffle sales unit, printers, or associated network, fail to function properly prior to or during the sale of any raffle ticket, they must notify us within 24 hours; and
(3) Hold only one raffle per home game; and
(4) Ensure that prior to the sale of raffle tickets, all members or volunteers assisting in operating the electronic raffle and equipment are trained to operate any equipment necessary to carry out their assigned duties and are fully informed of all pertinent laws and rules associated with electronic raffles; and
(5) Ensure a sufficient number of trained personnel are present to fulfill at least the following duties such as raffle ticket sales, count and reconciliation, manual draw, and electronic raffle system management; and
(6) Ensure the time during which the raffle tickets will be sold for each electronic raffle are established and posted; and
(7) Provide members and volunteers sufficient time to ensure that all sales reconciliation and eligible raffle ticket verification can be completed prior to the manual draw; and
(8) Not sell raffle tickets earlier than when spectators are allowed entry; and
(9) Not print raffle tickets before they are sold; and
(10) Ensure all ticket sales are final; and
(11) Not change ticket prices after the first ticket is sold; and
(12) Sell raffle tickets using a raffle sales unit operated by authorized ticket sellers; and
(13) Reconcile cash to raffle ticket transactions in a secure location within the home game authorized location; and
(14) Determine gross gambling receipts and the prize amount and announce to the public the prize amount prior to the drawing; and
(15) Have at least one qualified member or volunteer overseeing the raffle ticket printers at all times who can address any technical problems; and
(16) Ensure the manual drawing is completed before the end of the home game; and
(17) Have a member or volunteer of the electronic raffle licensee draw the winning raffle ticket with the licensed gambling manager present; and
(18) Video record the entire manual draw process and retain the recording with the required records.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 21-21-079, ยง 230-11-320, filed 10/18/21, effective 11/18/21.]
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