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PDFWAC 230-11-310

Electronic raffle system requirements.

The electronic raffle system must be approved by us prior to operation and must:
(1) Operate on a secure network independent from the home game authorized location network. This network must be a closed network with no connection to outside components or systems. The only exceptions to the closed network include remote access as outlined in WAC 230-16-153, credit card transactions as authorized in WAC 230-06-035, and prize display communication to a screen(s) in the home game authorized location which will only occur during the live electronic raffle; and
(2) Ensure security for all communications and data to prevent unauthorized access and raffle information manipulation. These security measures should include, but are not limited to, current encryption standards for critical information, isolation from public networks, and use of firewalls; and
(3) Have a way to independently identify the software version and signature to verify the firmware or software operating on the electronic raffle system; and
(4) Not allow for raffle sales to be conducted via the internet; and
(5) Be located, stored, and secured at the home game authorized location to prevent unauthorized access at all times; and
(6) Be accessed only by the electronic raffle licensee and licensed manufacturer; and
(7) Be overseen and supervised by a qualified member or volunteer who can address technical problems before, during, and after the manual drawing and who can provide technical support for the networks and electronic raffle system; and
(8) Require each user to sign in using a unique identification or username and password that is not shared with other users and limit user access permissions to only those which are essential to perform their duties; and
(9) Log all user activity and communicate and log all significant events; and
(10) Save critical data should the following occur: System failure, power failure, or power interruption; and
(11) Have a method for verifying valid winning ticket; and
(12) Print all raffle tickets sold for a manual drawing. Automatic drawings, such as the use of a random number generator, are not authorized; and
(13) Print unique raffle ticket numbers. Numbers may not be duplicated; and
(14) Print one raffle number per ticket; and
(15) Print tickets of equal size and shape to give each ticket an equal opportunity to be drawn.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 21-21-079, ยง 230-11-310, filed 10/18/21, effective 11/18/21.]
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