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PDFWAC 230-11-300


The following definitions apply to electronic raffles:
(1) "Electronic raffle" means a licensed raffle, as defined in RCW 9.46.0277, that uses an electronic raffle system for sales, accountability, and printing of tickets. Electronic raffles must only be conducted during a home game of a qualified sports team. The total prize amount must be one half (i.e., 50 percent) of the gross gambling receipts collected from the sale of raffle tickets. If deducting expenses prior to prize calculation, only actual, documented expenses up to $2,000.00 may be deducted per raffle. Only electronic raffle licensees are authorized to conduct electronic raffles.
(2) "Home game" means a live sports event held in Washington state that is designated as a home game in an official schedule distributed by the league of a qualified sports team at a home game authorized location.
(3) "Home game authorized location" means a sports facility where spectators gather within an arena or stadium where the home game is being conducted and where a home game ticket is required for admission. This does not include ancillary areas, buildings, or facilities, such as parking areas or areas where a ticket is not required for entry.
(4) "Electronic raffle system" means the system that connects to and consists of servers located in the home game authorized location, associated network equipment, software, raffle sales units, raffle ticket printers, and related equipment used by an electronic raffle licensee to generate and account for the sale of raffle tickets.
(5) "Raffle sales unit" means a portable, remote hard-wired connected device, or an attendant operated station that is used as a point of sale for raffle ticket sales. Raffle sales units can only use a closed network with no access to the internet to conduct raffle ticket sales within the home game authorized location except for credit card transactions as authorized in WAC 230-11-310.
(6) "Manual draw" or "drawing" means the method used for the selection of a raffle ticket to determine the raffle winner. A manual draw requires the winning raffle ticket be hand-picked from the receptacle that contains every raffle ticket sold and provides an equal chance for every ticket to be selected.
(7) "Raffle ticket" means a ticket generated by the electronic raffle system that is placed in a receptacle for the manual draw to determine the winner of the raffle prize.
(8) "Raffle ticket number" means the unique number recorded on every raffle ticket and raffle ticket receipt.
(9) "Raffle ticket receipt" means a printed receipt and record of entry into an electronic raffle provided to the participant which contains the raffle ticket number and a unique validation number and/or barcode information.
(10) "Unique validation number" or "barcode information" means a number or barcode generated by the electronic raffle system as a secondary means of verifying the raffle ticket is legitimate.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 21-21-079, ยง 230-11-300, filed 10/18/21, effective 11/18/21.]
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