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PDFWAC 230-10-105

Posting bingo rules.

(1) Bingo licensees must inform players by prominently posting:
(a) All costs to play; and
(b) All prizes available, including any extra cost or conditions of ownership related to prizes, the minimum amount of an individual prize, the prize pool, or the portion of a prize pool available for each bingo game before the players purchase a bingo card; and
(c) The licensee's cost or the retail value of all noncash prizes greater than five hundred dollars. If licensees use the retail value, they must explain that the amount is the "retail value" or "manufacturer's suggested retail price" (MSRP); and
(d) All rules concerning winning the prizes (the house rules). If a bingo is determined to be valid, the licensee must pay a prize which is equal to the prize posted for that game. If the bingo is valid, we will resolve disputes in favor of the player; and
(e) Any unforeseen event that might change the cost to play or prizes available; and
(f) If duplicate cards are in play.
(2) Licensees must inform players in broadcast or published advertisements or other distributed printed information if there are any possible events which might change game schedules, prizes awarded, or cost to play. Advertised bingo prizes and game formats may be changed in case of inclement weather, natural disaster, or other unforeseen emergencies if the licensee informs players before they purchase cards.
(3) If players may still participate in the game after the winner of any one of the prizes offered has been determined, licensees must remove the prize won from any display and list of prizes posted on the premises. During a bingo session, licensees may use the public address system and prominent display of the game name or number to inform players of prizes already won.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 07-10-033 (Order 610), ยง 230-10-105, filed 4/24/07, effective 1/1/08.]
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