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PDFWAC 230-03-152

Additional requirements for enhanced raffles.

(1) The commissioners may vote to approve a bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization, whose primary purpose is serving individuals with intellectual disabilities, to conduct enhanced raffles when they meet the requirements of section 1, chapter 310, Laws of 2013 and submit a plan as designated below.
(2) The bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization must submit a plan to us for each enhanced raffle that includes at least the following information:
(a) The organization's primary purpose for conducting the enhanced raffle; and
(b) A brief overview of the licensee's mission and vision including the type of programs supported by the licensee and clients served; and
(c) Specific details of the raffle rules including:
(i) Date and location of the grand prize drawing and associated smaller raffles; and
(ii) A description of additional related entries and drawings such as early bird, refer a friend, and multiple ticket drawings; and
(iii) Cost of raffle tickets; and
(iv) Prizes available; and
(v) Security of prizes; and
(vi) Plans for selling raffle tickets; and
(vii) Description of how the licensee protects the integrity of the raffle; and
(d) An explanation of how the proceeds from the raffle will be used; and
(e) A plan to protect the licensee in the event of low ticket sales and other risks; and
(f) An explanation of how the licensee will purchase the prize(s) for the raffle; and
(g) A projected budget including:
(i) Estimated gross gambling receipts, expenses, and net income for the raffle; and
(ii) Minimum number of projected ticket sales to break even; and
(iii) Corresponding sales and prize levels with projected revenues and expenses for each level; and
(iv) Minimum and maximum prizes available; and
(h) Name of the dedicated employee of the organization who will be responsible for oversight of the enhanced raffle operations; and
(i) Name of any licensed service supplier managing the enhanced raffle; and
(j) Name of any licensed call centers contracted to receive enhanced raffle tickets sales; and
(k) Any other information that we request.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070 and 9.46.0209. WSR 13-19-056 (Order 692), ยง 230-03-152, filed 9/16/13, effective 10/17/13.]
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