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PDFWAC 222-46-020

Informal conferences.

(1) Opportunity mandatory. The department shall afford the operator and/or a designated representative reasonable opportunities to discuss proposed enforcement actions at an informal conference prior to taking further enforcement action, unless the department determines that there may be imminent damages to the public resource. Informal conferences may be used at any stage in enforcement proceedings, except that the department may refuse to conduct informal conferences with respect to any matter then pending before the appeals board or a court.
(2) Reports required. Department personnel in attendance at informal conferences shall keep written notes of the date and place of the conference, the persons in attendance, the subject matter discussed, and any decisions reached with respect to further enforcement action. Copies of the conference notes shall be forwarded to the landowner and the timber owner.
(3) Records available. Copies of written notes shall be sent to each participant in the conference, be kept in the department files until one year after final action on the application involved, and be open to public inspection.
(4) Local governmental entity conditions. If the proposed enforcement actions involve conditions imposed pursuant to WAC 222-20-040(3), then the local governmental entity shall be involved in the informal conference.
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