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PDFWAC 222-22-020

Watershed administrative units.

*(1) For purposes of this chapter, the state is divided into areas known as watershed administrative units (WAUs). The department shall, in cooperation with the departments of ecology and fish and wildlife, affected Indian tribes, local governmental entities, forest landowners, and the public, define WAUs throughout the state. The department shall identify WAUs on a map.
*(2) WAUs should generally be between ten thousand to fifty thousand acres in size and should be discrete hydrologic units. The board recognizes, however, that identified watershed processes and potential effects on resource characteristics differ, and require different spatial scales of analysis, and the department's determination of the WAUs should recognize these differences. The board further recognizes that mixed land uses will affect the ability of a watershed analysis to predict probabilities and identify causation as required under this chapter, and the department's conduct and approval of a watershed analysis under this chapter shall take this effect into account.
*(3) The department is directed to conduct periodic reviews of the WAUs adopted under this chapter to determine whether revisions are needed to more efficiently assess potential cumulative effects. The department shall consult with the departments of ecology and fish and wildlife, affected Indian tribes, forest landowners, local governmental entities, and the public. From time to time and as appropriate, the department shall make recommendations to the board regarding revision of watershed administrative units.
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