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PDFWAC 222-21-055

Reimbursement to the department.

If, within the first ten years after receipt of compensation for a forestry riparian easement, a small forest landowner sells the land on which a forestry riparian easement is located to a landowner that does not meet the criteria for a qualifying small forest landowner, then the selling small forest landowner must reimburse the state for the full compensation received for the easement and the full amount of the costs incurred to identify the qualifying timber.
If the land on which the easement is located consists of multiple land parcels and the selling small forest landowner sells parcels that consist of only a portion of the easement, the small forest landowner office will calculate the reimbursement amount. The calculation will be based on the ratio of qualifying timber volume within the portion of the easement on the land that is sold to the total volume of qualifying timber. The selling small forest landowner must make full payment for this reimbursement within one year of sale of the land the easement occupies. The department will continue to hold, in the name of the state, the forestry riparian easement for the full term of the easement.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 76.090.040 [76.09.040], 76.09.370 and 76.13.120. WSR 12-11-106, ยง 222-21-055, filed 5/22/12, effective 6/22/12.]
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