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PDFWAC 222-20-050

Conversion of forest land to nonforest use.

(1) If an application to harvest signed by the landowner indicates that within three years after completion, the forest land will be converted to a specified active use that is incompatible with a use other than commercial timber operations, the reforestation requirements of chapter 222-34 WAC shall not apply, and the information relating to reforestation on the application form need not be supplied. However, if the specified active use is not initiated within three years after the harvest is completed, the reforestation requirements shall apply and reforestation shall be completed within one additional year.
(2) If a landowner who did not state an intent to convert decides to convert to a nonforestry use within six years of receiving an approved forest practices application or notification, the landowner must:
(a) Stop all forest practices activities on the parcels subject to conversion;
(b) Contact the department of ecology and the applicable local governmental entity to begin the permitting process; and
(c) Notify the department and withdraw any related applications or notifications, or request a new application for conversion.
Upon request from the local governmental entity, the department will provide the status of the landowner's related applications and notifications, and any final orders or decisions.
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