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PDFWAC 222-12-090

*Forest practices board manual.

When approved by the board the manual serves as an advisory technical supplement to these forest practices rules. The department, in cooperation with the departments of fish and wildlife, agriculture, ecology, and such other agencies, affected Indian tribes, or interested parties as may have appropriate expertise, is directed to prepare, and submit to the board for approval, revisions to the forest practices board manual. The manual shall include:
(1) Method for determination of adequate shade requirements on streams needed for use with WAC 222-30-040.
(2) Standards for identifying channel migration zones and bankfull channel features.
(3) Guidelines for forest roads.
(4) Guidelines for clearing slash and debris from Type Np and Ns Waters.
(5) Guidelines for forest practices hydraulic projects.
(6) Guidelines for determining acceptable stocking levels.
(7) Guidelines for riparian management zones.
(8) Guidelines for wetland delineation.
(9) Guidelines for wetland replacement or substitution.
(10) A list of nonnative wetland plant species.
(11) The standard methodology for conducting watershed analysis shall specify the quantitative methods, indices of resource conditions, and definitions, for conducting watershed analysis under chapter 222-22 WAC. The methodology shall also include a cultural resource module that shall specify the quantitative and qualitative methods, indices of resource conditions, and guidelines for developing voluntary management strategies for cultural resources. Except for cultural resources, the department, in consultation with Timber/Fish/Wildlife's Cooperative Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Committee (CMER), may make minor modifications to the version of the standard methodology approved by the board. Substantial amendments to the standard methodology requires approval by the board.
(12) Guidelines for forest chemicals.
(a) A list of special concerns related to aerial application of pesticides developed under WAC 222-16-070(3).
(b) Guidelines for aerial applications of pesticides and other forest chemicals under chapter 222-38 WAC.
(13) Guidelines for determining fish use for the purpose of typing waters under WAC 222-16-031.
(14) Survey protocol for marbled murrelets. The most current Pacific Seabird Group terrestrial survey protocol shall be used when surveying for marbled murrelets in a stand. Surveys are valid if they were conducted in compliance with the board-recognized Pacific Seabird Group survey protocols in effect at the beginning of the season in which the surveys were conducted.
(15) The department shall, in consultation with the department of fish and wildlife, develop:
(a) Platform protocols for use by applicants in estimating the number of platforms, and by the department in reviewing and classifying forest practices under WAC 222-16-050. These protocols shall include:
(i) A sampling method to determine platforms per acre in the field;
(ii) A method to predict the number of platforms per acre based on information measurable from typical forest inventories. The method shall be derived from regression models or other accepted statistical methodology, and incorporate the best available data; and
(iii) Other methods determined to be reliable by the department, in consultation with the department of fish and wildlife.
(b) Guidance for applications classified by the department under WAC 222-16-080 (1)(h)(v) to be Class IV-Special forest practices for lands designated as critical habitat (state) for marbled murrelet (Brachyramphus marmoratus) for the following two forest practices activities:
(i) Harvesting within a 150-foot no-cut inner zone buffer of a 300-foot managed buffer zone adjacent to an occupied marbled murrelet site.
(ii) Harvesting within a 150-foot outer zone managed buffer of a 300-foot managed buffer zone adjacent to an occupied marbled murrelet site that results in less than a residual stand relative density of 35 for Douglas-fir or red alder dominant species group or a residual stand relative density of 50 for Western hemlock dominant species group.
(16) Guidelines for evaluating potentially unstable slopes and landforms.
(17) Guidelines for the small forest landowner forestry riparian easement program.
(18) Guidelines for rivers and habitat open space program.
(19) Guidelines for hardwood conversion.
(20) Guidelines for financial assurances.
(21) Guidelines for alternate plans.
(22) Guidelines for adaptive management program.
(23) Guidelines for field protocol to locate mapped divisions between stream types and perennial stream identification.
(24) Guidelines for interim modification of bull trout habitat overlay.
(25) Guidelines for bull trout presence survey protocol.
(26) Guidelines for placement strategy for woody debris in streams.
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