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PDFWAC 222-12-010


These forest practices rules are adopted pursuant to chapter 76.09 RCW, and RCW 76.13.100 through 76.13.130. Where necessary to accomplish the purposes and policies stated in the act, the board is authorized to promulgate forest practices rules pursuant to chapter 34.05 RCW and in accordance with the procedures enumerated in the act. These rules establish minimum standards for forest practices, provide procedures for the voluntary development of resource management plans, set forth necessary administrative provisions, establish procedures for the collection and administration of forest practices fees, allow for the development of watershed analyses, foster cooperative relationships and agreements with affected tribes, and establish the rivers and habitat open space program. The board also establishes which forest practices will be included within each class and is authorized to adopt rules under RCW 76.09.055, 76.09.370, and 76.13.120(10).
Promulgation of all forest practices rules shall be accomplished so that compliance with such forest practices rules will achieve compliance with the water quality laws.
Those rules marked with an asterisk (*) pertain to water quality protection; pursuant to RCW 76.09.040 they can be amended only by agreement between the board and the department of ecology.
Forest practices rules shall be administered and enforced by the department except as otherwise provided in the act. Such rules shall be administered so as to give consideration to all purposes and policies set forth in RCW 76.09.010.
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