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PDFWAC 220-620-040

Criteria used in selecting cooperative projects.

The following criteria will be considered by the department in ranking project proposals for funding. These criteria are not rigid but are intended to guide the department in selecting projects that are feasible, cost-effective and complementary with other department programs.
(1) Fish and wildlife commission policies will be used, along with other criteria, to rank proposals. Applicants may wish to compare the objectives of their proposals with the most recent statement of goals, policies and objectives of the fish and wildlife commission to determine whether they are consistent or in conflict.
(2) Program goals, objectives and priorities. Projects will be ranked according to their adherence to program goals, objectives and priorities as outlined in department plans. Applicants may wish to call the operating division(s) within the department most directly concerned with the subject of their proposal to determine whether they are consistent or in conflict.
(3) Costs versus benefits. Project proposals will be evaluated and ranked according to expected ratio of costs to public benefits. Costs will include both grant funds and other funds required, the level of department provided staff assistance needed and the amount for continuing operation and maintenance support needed. Benefits may include direct benefits to fish and wildlife or habitat and benefits to the public in terms of increased recreational or commercial opportunities or increased knowledge about fish and wildlife.
(4) Educational value. Consideration will be given to a project's value in educating and informing the public about the life history and needs of fish and wildlife.
(5) Capabilities of volunteer groups. When considering the approval of a new project, or the renewal or refunding of an existing project, the relative success of that project and the overall capabilities of a particular volunteer group in managing cooperative projects and producing results will be considered, including the amount of department supervision and assistance required to accomplish the project.
(6) Project types. The department shall encourage and support the development and operation of cooperative projects of the following types:
(a) Cooperative food fish and game fish enhancement projects.
(b) Cooperative fish and wildlife habitat improvement projects.
(c) Cooperative fish or wildlife research projects.
(d) Cooperative game bird and game animal projects.
(e) Cooperative information and education projects.
(f) Cooperative nongame wildlife projects.
(g) Cooperative shellfish projects.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 77.04.012, 77.04.013, 77.04.020, 77.04.055, and 77.12.047. WSR 17-05-112 (Order 17-04), recodified as § 220-620-040, filed 2/15/17, effective 3/18/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 75.08.080 and 75.52.050. WSR 99-11-004 (Order 99-44), § 220-130-050, filed 5/6/99, effective 6/6/99. Statutory Authority: RCW 75.08.080. WSR 85-04-045 (Order 85-07), § 220-130-050, filed 2/1/85.]
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