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Chapter 220-440 WAC

Last Update: 1/25/24


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF220-440-010PurposeWildlife management and wildlife interaction.
HTMLPDF220-440-030Public safety cougar removals.
HTMLPDF220-440-040Wildlife/human interaction and conflict resolution for private property damage.
HTMLPDF220-440-050Killing wildlife for personal safety.
HTMLPDF220-440-060Killing wildlife causing private property damage.
HTMLPDF220-440-070Use of body-gripping traps and exceptions.
HTMLPDF220-440-080Killing wolves attacking domestic animals.
HTMLPDF220-440-090Disposal of wildlife killed for personal safety or for causing private property damage.
HTMLPDF220-440-100Certification of wildlife control operators.
HTMLPDF220-440-110Use of wildlife control operators to address wildlife interactions.
HTMLPDF220-440-120Report required of certified wildlife control operators.
HTMLPDF220-440-130Limitations to managing damage caused by big game on private property.
HTMLPDF220-440-140Payment for commercial crop damage—Limitations.
HTMLPDF220-440-150Application for cash compensation for commercial crop damageProcedure.
HTMLPDF220-440-160Valuation methods for crop damage assessment.
HTMLPDF220-440-170Payment for livestock damage and other domestic animals—Limitations.
HTMLPDF220-440-180Application for cash compensation for livestock damage or domestic animalProcedure.
HTMLPDF220-440-190Public hunting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-440-200Damage prevention permit huntsDeer, elk, and turkey.
HTMLPDF220-440-210Black bear timber damage depredation permitsRequirements, restrictions, and issuance.
HTMLPDF220-440-220Bear and cougar depredation permit hunts for domestic animal or livestock loss.
HTMLPDF220-440-230Commercial crop or livestock damage claim—Dispute resolution.
HTMLPDF220-440-240Unlawful taking or possession of wildlife for personal safety or causing property damage—Penalties.
HTMLPDF220-440-250Failure to comply with the conditions of permits, provide completed forms, or submit required documents or reports for the purposes of this chapter.
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