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PDFWAC 220-310-030

Food fish fishing—Closed areas.

It is unlawful to fish for or possess food fish taken from the following areas during the times indicated.
(1) It is unlawful at all times to fish for or possess food fish taken for personal use in waters lying within 400 feet below any fish rack, fishway, dam or other artificial or natural obstruction, either temporary or permanent, unless otherwise provided.
(2) Waters of Budd Inlet at Olympia south of the Fourth Avenue Bridge are closed at all times, and all contiguous waters lying between the Fourth Avenue Bridge and a line from the northwesterly corner of the Thriftway Market Building to a point 100 yards north of the railroad bridge located on the western side of the inlet opposite the Thriftway Market Building are closed during the period July 16 through October 31.
(3) The waters of Percival Cove are closed at all times.
(4) Those waters of Hood Canal inshore from yellow marker buoys to the mouth of Finch Creek and waters within the channel created when tidelands are exposed are closed the entire year.
(5) Waters within a radius of 100 yards from the Enetai Hatchery Outfall Creek where it enters saltwater are closed at all times.
(6) Those waters of Sinclair Inlet inside a line fifty yards from the pierhead line of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard at Bremerton are closed at all times.
(7) Those waters of Hood Canal within 100 feet of the Seabeck Highway Bridge over Big Beef Creek are closed August 1 through November 30.
(8) In Shilshole Bay waters east of a line 175 feet west of the Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge are closed to fishing.
(9) Those waters of the Chinook River upstream from tide gate at the Highway 101 Bridge are closed at all times.
(10) Those waters of the Columbia River between the Vernita Bridge and the Hanford power line crossing (wooden towers at S24, T13N, R27E) are closed October 23 through January 31.
(11) Those waters of the Columbia River between the upstream line of Bonneville Dam to a point 600 feet below the fish ladder at the new Bonneville Dam Powerhouse are closed at all times.
(12) Waters of the Lake Washington Ship Canal west of a north-south line 400 feet east of the eastern end of the north wing wall of Chittenden Locks to the mouth of the Lake Washington Ship Canal are closed to food fish angling at all times.
(13) Waters of Catch Record Card Area 10 west of a line from Point Monroe to Indianola and east of a line from Point Bolin to Battle Point are closed to food fish angling from January 1 through March 31 except it is lawful to fish with gear meeting the fly fishing only requirements of WAC 220-310-150 except it is unlawful to use lead core fly line. Use of gear other than fly fishing gear or use of a lead core line in violation of this subsection is an infraction, punishable under RCW 77.15.160. It is unlawful to retain any fish taken during the period January 1 through March 31.
(14) Chief Joseph Dam - Closed to fishing from the Okanogan County shore between the dam and the Highway 17 Bridge. Closed to fishing from a floating device downstream of Chief Joseph Dam to the Corps of Engineers Safety Zone Marker.
(15) Wells Dam - Waters between the upstream line of Wells Dam to boundary markers 400 feet below the spawning channel discharge on the Chelan County side and the fish ladder on the Douglas County side.
(16) Rocky Reach, Rock Island and Wanapum Dams - Waters between the upstream lines of these dams and boundary markers 400 feet downstream of the fish ladders at Rocky Reach and Rock Island Dams and boundary markers at Wanapum Dam 750 feet below the east fish ladder and 500 feet below the west fish ladder.
(17) Priest Rapids Dam - Waters between the upstream line of Priest Rapids Dam and boundary markers 650 feet below the fish ladders.
(18) Jackson (Moran) Creek - All waters of the Priest Rapids hatchery system including Columbia River waters out to midstream between markers located 100 feet upstream and 400 feet downstream of the mouth of the hatchery outlet.
(19) McNary Dam - Waters between the upstream line of McNary Dam and a line across the river from the red and white marker on the Oregon shore to the downstream end of the wingwall of the boat lock near the Washington shore.
(20) John Day Dam - Waters between the upstream line of John Day Dam and markers approximately 3,000 feet downstream, except that fishing is permitted from the Washington shore to within 400 feet of the fishway entrance.
(21) The Dalles Dam - Waters between the upstream line of the Dalles Dam and the upstream side of the Interstate 197 Bridge, except that fishing is permitted from the Washington shore to within 400 feet of the fishway entrance.
(22) Spring Creek - Waters within 1/4 mile of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Hatchery grounds between posted boundary markers located 1/4 mile on either side of the fish ladder entrance.
(23) The waters of Catch Area 12 are closed at all times to the taking of food fish other than salmon. However, persons with disabilities who permanently use a wheelchair and who have a designated harvester card under WAC 220-220-240 may fish from the ADA-access site at the Hoodsport Salmon Hatchery, as long as such persons follow all department rules that apply to the adjoining waters of Marine Area 12.
(24) Freshwater Bay - Waters south of a line from Angeles Point to Observatory Point (Bachelor Rock) are closed July 1 through October 31.
(25) Tulalip Bay - Waters east of line from Mission Point to Hermosa Point are closed at all times.
(26) Waters of Catch Record Card Area 13 within 500 yards of the Toliva Shoal buoy are closed to fishing for food fish June 16 through April 30 and closed to rockfish year-round.
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