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PDFWAC 212-80-210

Imposing citations and civil penalties.

(1) The director may impose civil penalties or fines to any licensed contractor for their actions and/or their employees/certificate of competency holder that violates any provision of chapter 18.160 RCW, or this chapter. The director may impose the civil penalties and/or fines listed herein to any unlicensed contractor who operates in the state of Washington as a licensed fire protection sprinkler system contractor and/or employees of same acting as a certificate of competency holder. The director will record all violations.
(2) The director may issue a citation when an investigation verifies that the fire protection sprinkler system contractor or certificate of competency holder was not in compliance with or otherwise in violation of chapter 18.160 RCW, or this chapter.
(3) A violation is an action by a person or company who engages in the design, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, or repair of a fire protection sprinkler system or any part of such a system, and fails to comply with chapter 18.160 RCW, or this chapter.
(4) The director must take action on a license or certificate within five years after the violation is reported to the director.
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