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PDFWAC 212-80-068

License renewals.

(1) All licensed fire protection sprinkler system contractors desiring to continue to be licensed must renew their license before January 1 of each year. The application for renewal must be made upon a form prescribed by the director. Any contractor not wishing to renew their license at the beginning of the year should notify the director of the intention not to renew.
(2) A licensed contractor that fails to secure renewal of the license by the expiration date will:
(a) Not execute contracts for the design, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance or repair of fire protection sprinkler systems or any part of such a system in the state of Washington.
(b) Submit a license reinstatement application pursuant to WAC 212-80-053 to obtain a fire sprinkler protection system contractor license.
(3) The director will not renew a license that has been suspended by the director, or if the general or specialty license issued by the department of labor and industries has been suspended or revoked.
(4) In addition to other provisions of this chapter, any of the following will constitute cause for the director, not to restore a license that has been suspended:
(a) Nonreceipt of payment of all delinquent fees;
(b) Nonreceipt of a late charge and/or application fee;
(c) Failure to comply with the bonding requirements of chapter 18.160 RCW; or
(d) Failure to obtain or show evidence of having a full-time employee certified as a certificate of competency holder of the appropriate level as defined by chapter 18.160 RCW.
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