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PDFWAC 212-17-230

Examination, investigation and licensing.

(1) Upon receipt of application and license fee, the state fire marshal will cause an investigation to be made as to the experience and competency of the applicant to conduct and supervise a public or proximate display of fireworks in a safe manner. The investigation will include:
(a) Verification of past experience in assisting in displays with the licensed pyrotechnic operator under whose supervision the applicant assisted for the type of license applying for.
(b) A written examination for the applicant, if experience requirements are satisfactory.
(i) A passing score of at least eighty percent must be attained on the written examination.
(ii) An applicant failing the written examination may reapply within thirty days to retake the examination.
(iii) No reexamination will be taken within thirty days of the previous and no more than two examinations may be taken by the applicant in the same ninety calendar day period.
(iv) License fees are forfeited for any applicant who fails:
(A) To appear for the written examination at the time and location established;
(B) The written examination and does not reapply within thirty days or fails the written examination on the second attempt.
(2) The state fire marshal will grant or deny the license on the basis of the successful completion of the investigation and examination.
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