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PDFWAC 212-17-085

Fireworks records and reports.

(1) License holders will maintain written reports on the following information for each license type for a period of three years, and submit reports for each type of license when requested to do so to the state fire marshal:
(a) Manufacturer: Production, sale, and distribution of fireworks and name of the person to whom such fireworks were sold.
(b) Wholesaler: Imports, purchases, sales, and consumption of fireworks items by kind and class.
(c) Importer: Imports, purchases, sales of fireworks items by kind and class.
(d) All licensees:
(i) Third-party testing documentation to show, that if used properly, compliance of any consumer fireworks they distribute, sell, offer for sale, exchange for consideration, or transfer will work. The third-party testing entity must be approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
(ii) Reports of the location and amount in storage of all class and types of fireworks in their possession at the time records are requested.
(e) License holders will have up to ten business days to submit the requested reports to the state fire marshal unless otherwise specified by the state fire marshal due to report of an injury, accident or other safety issue.
(2) Penalties for violations of this section are provided in WAC 212-17-515.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.77.250. WSR 15-22-082, § 212-17-085, filed 11/3/15, effective 1/1/16. Statutory Authority: Chapters 43.43 and 70.77 RCW. WSR 05-12-033, § 212-17-085, filed 5/24/05, effective 6/24/05. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.77 RCW. WSR 88-08-027 (Order FPS 88-01), § 212-17-085, filed 3/31/88. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.77.250 and chapter 48.48 RCW. WSR 82-22-068 (Order FM 82-10), § 212-17-085, filed 11/2/82.]
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