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PDFWAC 208-660-180

Mortgage brokers—Main office.

(1) Must a licensed mortgage broker have a designated broker? Yes. Licensed mortgage broker companies must have an approved designated broker at all times.
(2) How many designated brokers may a mortgage broker have? The mortgage broker may appoint only one individual to be the designated broker at any given time. The designated broker need not be a principal of the licensee.
It is a prudent business practice to have more than one qualified individual working for the licensee who could be appointed as the designated broker.
(3) If my designated broker leaves, may I continue to operate my mortgage broker business? Yes. You may continue to operate your mortgage broker business. However, you must notify the department within five business days of the loss of or change of your designated broker. You must then replace the designated broker within thirty days of the loss or change of the designated broker. If you need more than thirty days to replace the designated broker, you must seek approval from the department. Failure to replace your designated broker, or receive approval from the director for an extension, may result in an enforcement action against you.
(4) What must I do to replace my designated broker? You must apply through the NMLS for approval of the new designated broker. The new designated broker must meet the requirements of WAC 208-660-250(1). You and the new designated broker must meet the good standing requirements of WAC 208-660-007.
(5) What must I do if I sell all or part of my mortgage broker company? See WAC 208-660-400(13).
(6) After my mortgage broker license is approved, may I change my business structure? Yes. See WAC 208-660-400 (7)(a)(iv).
(7) May a licensed mortgage broker share an office with a licensed real estate broker? Yes. A licensed mortgage broker may share an office with a licensed real estate broker. The mortgage broker location must be licensed as a main or branch mortgage broker office.
(8) If a licensed mortgage broker shares an office with a licensed real estate broker, what must the mortgage broker do to notify the public that the office is shared? The licensed mortgage broker must clearly identify the mortgage broker business as separate from the real estate business to the public on any signage, advertising, or other material identifying the businesses.
(9) May I add a trade name (or "DBA") to my mortgage broker license? Yes. You may add a trade or "DBA" name to the mortgage broker license if you first apply to the department, in a form prescribed by the department, and receive department approval. When the department has approved the trade name, you must conduct business under that trade name in at least one of the two following ways:
(a) Use your license name together with the trade name; or
(b) Use your mortgage broker license number together with the trade name.
(10) May the department deny an application for a proposed DBA name because it is similar to an existing licensee name? Yes. The director may deny an application for a proposed DBA name if the proposed DBA name is similar to a currently existing licensee name.
(11) May I conduct my mortgage broker business from more than one location? Yes. You may establish one or more branch offices under your license. See WAC 208-660-195 for information on licensing branch offices.
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