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PDFWAC 208-660-143

Computer loan information (CLI) providers.

(1) When is a CLI provider exempt from the licensing requirements of the act? A CLI provider is exempt from the licensing requirements of the act:
(a) When the CLI provider meets the general statutory requirements under RCW 19.146.020 (1)(a), (c), (d), or (f); or
(b) When a real estate broker or salesperson licensed in Washington, acting as a CLI provider and a real estate agent, obtains financing for a real estate transaction involving a bona fide sale of real estate and does not receive either:
(i) A separate fee for the CLI service; or
(ii) A sales commission greater than that which would be otherwise customary in connection with the sales transaction; or
(c) When a person, acting as a CLI provider:
(i) Provides only information regarding rates, terms, and lenders;
(ii) Complies with all requirements of subsection (4) of this section;
(iii) Does not represent or imply to a borrower that they are able to obtain a residential mortgage loan from a mortgage broker or lender;
(iv) Does not accept a loan application, assist in the completion of a loan application, or submit a loan application to a mortgage broker or lender on behalf of a borrower;
(v) Does not accept any deposit for third-party provider services or any loan fees from a borrower in connection with a loan, regardless of when the fees are paid;
(vi) Does not negotiate interest rates or terms of a loan with a mortgage broker or lender on behalf of a borrower; and
(vii) Does not provide to the borrower a good faith estimate or loan estimate or other disclosure(s) required of mortgage brokers or lender(s) by state or federal law.
(d) If the CLI provider is not exempt under (a), (b), or (c) of this subsection, the CLI provider is not required to have a mortgage broker license if the CLI provider does not receive any fee or other compensation or gain, directly or indirectly, for performing or facilitating the CLI service.
(2) When is a CLI provider required to have a mortgage broker license?
(a) If a CLI provider, who is not otherwise exempt from the licensing requirements of the act, performs any act that would otherwise require that they be licensed, including accepting a loan application, or submitting a loan application to a mortgage broker or lender, the CLI provider must obtain a mortgage broker or a loan originator license.
(b) Example - License required: A CLI provider uses an internet-based CLI system in which an abbreviated application is available for online completion by borrower. Once the borrower presses "submit," the information collected in the abbreviated application is forwarded to lender. The information contains the borrower's name, Social Security number, contact information, purpose of the loan sought (e.g., purchase, refinance, home equity, second mortgage), size of loan requested, annual salary, and a self-declaration of total unsecured debt. The electronic entries made by the borrower are then used by lender to electronically populate "form fields" and to initiate lender's loan application. A loan originator for the lender then follows up with borrower to complete the loan application. On or after closing, CLI provider receives a CLI service fee.
(c) Example - License not required: A CLI provider uses an internet-based CLI system in which various interactive informational tools are present, including an online "prequalification" tool. Based upon borrower's self-declared data input, borrower receives an indication of borrower's "maximum affordable loan amount," based upon standard norms of debt-to-income ratio and loan-to-value ratio, and also subject to verification of information, availability and suitability of loan products, and independent underwriting by any lender. The borrower indicates a desire for follow-up from one or more lenders by inputting personal contact information and pressing "submit." A number of lenders receive only the personal identity information of borrower and not any financial information. However, the CLI system has been programmed (and may be continuously reprogrammed) to route personal contact information to certain lenders based upon borrower's "prequalification" data input and the lending criteria of each of the lenders for whom CLI provider has a relationship. None of borrower's self-declared financial information is actually submitted to any of the lenders whose criteria match borrower's profile. Loan originators from lender A and lender B initiate contact with borrower based solely on borrower's contact information. Lender A and lender B, through their assigned loan originators, contact borrower with the object of beginning and hopefully completing a loan application. In this example, CLI provider has not taken a loan application.
(3) Must the CLI provider provide any disclosures?
(a) Yes. If a borrower using or accessing the CLI services pays for the CLI service, either directly or indirectly, the CLI provider must give the following disclosure:
(i) The amount of the fee the CLI provider charges the borrower for the service;
(ii) That the use of the CLI system is not required to obtain a residential mortgage loan; and
(iii) That the full range of loans available may not be listed on the CLI system, and different terms and conditions, including lower rates, may be available from others not listed on the system.
(b) Each CLI provider must give the borrower a copy of the disclosure form when the first CLI service is provided to the borrower. The form must be signed and dated by the borrower and a copy maintained as part of the CLI provider's books and records for at least two years.
(4) Are CLI system providers subject to enforcement under the act? Yes. CLI system providers are responsible for any violations of the act and will be subject to any applicable fines or penalties.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.320.040 and 19.146.225. WSR 19-21-142, ยง 208-660-143, filed 10/22/19, effective 11/24/19.]
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