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PDFWAC 208-620-905

Servicing residential mortgage loansMaintenance of the escrow account.

(1)(a) If you collect escrow amounts held for the borrower for payment of insurance, taxes, or other charges with respect to the property, you must collect and make all payments from the escrow account and, to the extent you have control, ensure that no late penalties are assessed or other negative consequences result for the borrower.
(b) At least annually, or upon the borrower's request, you must inform the borrower in writing of the amount of reserve required in an escrow account. The notice must also advise the borrower of any fees the borrower will incur for not maintaining the reserve amount or fees the borrower will incur if you advance escrow amounts on the borrower's behalf and then collect the amounts from the borrower.
(2) You may enter into a written agreement with the borrower whereby you are not required to make escrow payments unless funds are available in the escrow account. The agreement must include language that puts the borrower on notice that the borrower is responsible for the payment of the escrow amounts if a sufficient amount is not maintained in the escrow account.
(3) You must notify the borrower within ten business days of any change to the escrow account, other than the changes brought about by the borrower's regularly scheduled payment, that will change the borrower's escrow payment amount. Examples of changes requiring notification include, but are not limited to, hazard insurance premiums, a reduction in the required reserve amount for the account, or a change in the property's tax assessment.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.320.040 and 31.04.165. WSR 18-16-024, § 208-620-905, filed 7/24/18, effective 9/1/18.]
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