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PDFWAC 208-620-580

As a licensee, will my business be subject to periodic examinations?

(1) Licensees can expect to be visited periodically by the department's examiners. The director or designee may examine, wherever located, the records used in the business of every licensee and of every person who is engaged in the consumer loan business, whether the person acts or claims to act as principal or agent, or under or without the authority of this chapter. For that purpose the director or designee shall have free access, at reasonable times during business hours, to the offices and places of business and all books and records of the business.
(2) When directed to do so during an examination licensees must provide information on the characteristics of loan originations in a format prescribed by the director.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.320 RCW, RCW 31.04.165. WSR 16-08-026, § 208-620-580, filed 3/30/16, effective 4/30/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.320.040 and 31.04.165. WSR 13-24-024, § 208-620-580, filed 11/22/13, effective 1/1/14. Statutory Authority: RCW 31.04.165, 31.04.015, 31.04.045, 31.04.075, 31.04.085, 31.04.093, 31.04.102, 31.04.115, 31.04.145, 31.04.155, and 31.04.175. WSR 06-04-053, § 208-620-580, filed 1/27/06, effective 2/27/06.]
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