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PDFWAC 208-620-430

What are my annual filing requirements as a consumer loan licensee?

Each year you are required to file two annual reports on forms provided by the department. You must also pay a fee (assessment) based on your activities during the reporting year. The reports and the assessment fee must be provided to the department on March 1st of each year or within thirty days of ceasing Washington operations (the due date).
(1) Annual reports and assessment fee on activity. You must provide the annual reports (annual assessment report and consolidated annual report) and the assessment fee by the due date.
(2) Late penalties. If you fail to submit the required annual reports and assessment fee by the due date you are subject to a penalty of fifty dollars for each item for each day of delay. For example, if the department receives the two annual reports and assessment fee on March 4th, you would have to pay an additional four hundred fifty dollars as a late penalty. If the items are filed with the department more than thirty days after ceasing Washington operations, the late penalty will accrue at the same rate. The maximum late penalty that will be assessed is five thousand dollars per reporting year. More penalties may be assessed if the department must make a bond claim to collect the amounts due. See subsection (3) of this section.
(3) Failure to file.
(a) If you fail to pay the annual assessment fee or file the annual reports by the due date the director may file a claim against your surety bond for failing to comply with the Consumer Loan Act. The department may make a claim for the late penalties under subsection (2) of this section and the greater of:
(i) The assessment fee paid the previous year;
(ii) The average annual assessment fee you paid in the previous two years; or
(iii) Fifteen hundred dollars.
(b) Your license will expire if you fail to pay the annual assessment fee and file the annual reports by the due date. The department will provide you with notice of the pending expiration and you can stop the pending expiration by paying the assessment fee and providing the reports. If the department does not receive the assessment fee and reports within fifteen days from the date the department provides you with the notice, your license will expire. The notice warning you of the pending expiration is presumed received by you three days after the department mails it via first class mail to the last address of record with the department. You are responsible for updating your address of record with the department. Notice of the pending expiration is valid even if it is sent to an address of record that is incorrect due to your failure to provide an updated address.
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