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PDFWAC 208-544-045

Additional services fees.

(1) The division shall collect hourly fees in the amount of eighty-three dollars plus actual expenses for all services attendant to:
(a) The chartering of a new regulated institution;
(b) The conversion of an existing nonstate chartered institution to a Washington state chartered institution;
(c) The establishment of an office or bureau by an alien bank in Washington state;
(d) The acquisition and control of more than five percent of the shares of voting stock or substantially all of the assets of a bank, trust company, national banking association, or bank holding company, where the principal operations are conducted within this state by an out-of-state bank holding company;
(e) The issuance or filing of a notice of change of control;
(f) Requests for division approval to use words indicating bank or trust company in a company name under RCW 30.04.020;
(g) Meeting attendance by division personnel with the board of directors or senior management of a regulated institution;
(h) Off-site monitoring of a regulated institution;
(i) Voluntary or involuntary liquidation under chapter 30.44 RCW;
(j) Acting as conservator of a bank or trust company under chapter 30.46 RCW;
(k) Investigation into, and the resolution of, consumer complaints;
(l) Any inquiry made to the division by a person, company, or regulated institution that is not in the normal course of business;
(m) Investigation into, and subsequent enforcement action(s) against, individuals, companies, or otherwise, that are operating an unlicensed bank or trust business in the state of Washington;
(n) Applications submitted to the division by an existing regulated institution to:
(i) Merge, consolidate, reorganize, or convert to another charter type;
(ii) Establish a new branch;
(iii) Relocate the main office or an existing branch;
(iv) Purchase or sell an existing branch;
(v) Confer trust powers on an existing state-chartered bank;
(vi) Change the legal name of the regulated institution.
(o) Any other activity the director deems relevant or necessary.
(2) The division shall collect per page for furnishing copies of papers filed with the division in accordance with the fees set out in WAC 208-12-090.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.320.040, 30.04.030, and 30.04.070. WSR 13-23-032, ยง 208-544-045, filed 11/13/13, effective 12/14/13.]
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