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Chapter 208-512A WAC

Last Update: 12/1/17


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF208-512A-001Promulgation of rules.
HTMLPDF208-512A-003Findings and purpose.
HTMLPDF208-512A-005"Loans and extensions of credit" and "contractual commitment to advance funds"—Defined.
HTMLPDF208-512A-007Other general chapter definitions.
HTMLPDF208-512A-009Applicability of chapter.
HTMLPDF208-512A-010General limitation on loans and extensions of credit.
HTMLPDF208-512A-011Exception to general limitation—Loans and extensions of credit fully secured by readily marketable collateral.
HTMLPDF208-512A-012Exception to general limitation—Nonconforming loans.
HTMLPDF208-512A-013Exception to general limitation—Declining capital—Inability to otherwise effectively operate in marketplace—Director discretion.
HTMLPDF208-512A-014Exception to general limitation—Extenuating facts and circumstances—Standards for division determination—Director of banks' discretion.
HTMLPDF208-512A-015Renewals and additional advances under a contractual commitment to advance funds—Project funding.
HTMLPDF208-512A-020Special rule—Discount of commercial or business paper.
HTMLPDF208-512A-030Special rule—Purchase of bankers' acceptances.
HTMLPDF208-512A-040Special rule—Readily marketable staples.
HTMLPDF208-512A-050Special rule—U.S. bonds, notes, certificates of indebtedness, or treasury bills, etc.
HTMLPDF208-512A-060Special rule—Unconditional takeout commitments or guarantees of federal government.
HTMLPDF208-512A-070Special rule—Segregated deposit account in lender bank.
HTMLPDF208-512A-080Special rule—Sale of bank's assets—Unpaid portion of purchase price.
HTMLPDF208-512A-090Special rule—Discount of negotiable or nonnegotiable installment consumer paper.
HTMLPDF208-512A-100Combining loans and extensions of credit made to separate persons—Generally.
HTMLPDF208-512A-110Loans to partnerships, joint ventures, and associations.
HTMLPDF208-512A-120Loans to limited liability companies.
HTMLPDF208-512A-130Loans to subsidiaries and corporate groups.
HTMLPDF208-512A-200Computation of time—Calculation date of lending limits.
HTMLPDF208-512A-300Credit exposure arising from derivative transactions.
HTMLPDF208-512A-310Securities financing transactions.
HTMLPDF208-512A-320Policies and procedures related to derivative transactions, etc.
HTMLPDF208-512A-400Effect of OCC rules, interpretations and opinions as guidance.
HTMLPDF208-512A-500Loans and extensions of credit to insiders and their immediate family.
HTMLPDF208-512A-600Transitional rules.
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