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PDFWAC 208-476-300

Minimal standards for safe and sound OREO management.

(1) What basic standards are used to determine the initial and ongoing regulatory acceptability of holding OREO? Holding requirements include, at a minimum, compliance with the following:
(a) Accurate accounting for OREO. Refer to the accounting section of this rule at WAC 208-476-200;
(b) Obtaining independent written appraisals, or determinations of fair value, depending upon the nature of the loan, and updated periodically, to reflect changed market conditions;
(c) Diligent marketing efforts, including a written marketing plan, updated periodically to reflect changed market conditions;
(d) Compliance with any determination, order or directive issued by the director regarding the acquisition, holding, management or disposition of OREO.
(2) Are there requirements for credit union management of OREO? Yes. A credit union that is managing OREO property must have a board-approved policy that assures that the board is regularly informed of the nature and extent of the credit union's OREO holdings. In most cases, this requirement may necessitate the creation of a special assets committee, or some combination of executive staff, to oversee OREO management and report to the board, no less than quarterly.
(3) Are credit unions required to have a written OREO policy? Yes, if a credit union has OREO, the credit union must have a written OREO policy.
(4) What should be included in a credit union OREO policy? At a minimum, the following elements should be covered in a credit union's written OREO policy:
(a) The credit union's staffing requirements for qualified management of OREO;
(b) The credit union's plan to obtain legal advice from an attorney regarding the acquisition, holding and disposition of OREO;
(c) The credit union's intended holding period for OREO;
(d) The appraisal policy, or fair value methodology, for OREO;
(e) The credit union's authorization to expend funds to improve and protect OREO;
(f) The plan to market and dispose of OREO;
(g) Identification of the person responsible for OREO management;
(h) The OREO property management plan;
(i) OREO internal controls;
(j) Special assets committee (or other OREO reporter) responsibilities, including monitoring and reporting plan, and frequency of review by board and management;
(k) The accounting policy for the acquisition, holding and disposition phases of OREO;
(l) Independent audit policy for OREO;
(m) Responsibility for OREO file maintenance, document organization, storage, retrieval and retention.
DFI recognizes that not all of the elements of the policy will apply to every OREO property.
(5) What should a credit union do if there are questions about the management of OREO? A credit union may call the division of credit unions at 360-902-8701, if questions arise during the life cycle of OREO ownership. Information is also available on the DCU website and in the DCU "OREO Owner's Manual" guidance book.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 31.12.404, 31.12.426, 31.12.428, 31.12.436, and 31.12.516. WSR 09-24-050, ยง 208-476-300, filed 11/24/09, effective 12/31/09.]
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