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PDFWAC 208-476-050


For purposes of these rules, the following definitions apply:
"Appraisal" means a written report by a certified or licensed appraiser containing sufficient information to support the credit union's evaluation of OREO, taking into consideration market value, analyzing appropriate deductions or discounts, and conforming to generally accepted appraisal standards, unless principles of safe and sound credit union practices require stricter standards.
"DCU" means the division of credit unions of the Washington state department of financial institutions.
"DFI" means the Washington state department of financial institutions.
"Director" means the director of the department of financial institutions, or the director's designee, typically the assistant director of the division of credit unions. RCW 43.320.050.
"Fair value" and "fair market value" mean the cash price that might reasonably be anticipated in a current sale under all conditions requisite to a fair sale, in which the buyer and the seller are each acting prudently, knowledgeably and under no necessity to buy or sell. An appraisal at "fair value" primarily relies upon an estimate of the cash price that might be received upon exposure to the open market for a reasonable time, considering the property type and local market conditions. This is known as the "market data approach." However, an appraisal at "fair value" may, in appropriate circumstances, be based upon the "cost approach" with regard to real estate improvements, including current replacement cost.
"Foreclosure" means:
(a) The involuntary termination of all rights of a trustor/grantor or mortgagor in the property covered by a deed of trust or mortgage, by means of statutory power of sale or judicial foreclosure; or by
(b) A deed in lieu of foreclosure, the voluntary transfer (usually by quitclaim) of a trustor/grantor's or mortgagor's interest in real estate to the beneficiary of a deed of trust or mortgagee, in lieu of the beneficiary or mortgagee exercising the statutory power of sale or obtaining a judicial decree of foreclosure.
"GAAP" means "generally accepted accounting principles," as codified in the financial accounting standards board accounting standards codification (FASB ASC).
"Other real estate owned" (OREO) means real estate acquired by a credit union in whole or partial satisfaction of a debt owed to a credit union, by means of:
(a) Foreclosure or deed in lieu of foreclosure of the credit union's deed of trust or mortgage; or
(b) Acquisition by the credit union and subsequent foreclosure, or deed in lieu of foreclosure of a superior lien interest.
OREO is then held in inventory until sold.
"OREO" does not mean real property held for the credit union's own business use or expansion under RCW 31.12.438.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 31.12.404, 31.12.426, 31.12.428, 31.12.436, and 31.12.516. WSR 09-24-050, ยง 208-476-050, filed 11/24/09, effective 12/31/09.]
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