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PDFWAC 208-476-010

Reason for rule.

Why do credit unions need a rule on the handling of "other real estate owned" (OREO), property legally owned by the credit union as the result of foreclosure, or acquired as the result of default on a loan collateralized by real property? Although most financial institutions that do real estate lending have experienced an occasional foreclosure, the volume and asset value of foreclosed property has significantly increased recently. Due to the economic downturn that began in the fourth quarter of 2007, credit unions are now experiencing a greater number of foreclosures and acquiring portfolios of OREO. Because this type of economic effect is cyclic, it is useful for credit unions to be prepared to handle OREO property in a safe and sound manner. Some credit unions may find their number of OREO properties is becoming more difficult to manage. Some credit unions may be dealing with OREO properties for the first time.
The department of financial institutions (DFI), division of credit unions, is responsible for regulating to protect the integrity of credit unions as cooperative institutions, and to ensure that they remain viable and competitive. RCW 31.12.015. It is important to provide regulatory standards for safe and sound management of OREO. RCW 31.12.005(24).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 31.12.404, 31.12.426, 31.12.428, 31.12.436, and 31.12.516. WSR 09-24-050, ยง 208-476-010, filed 11/24/09, effective 12/31/09.]
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