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PDFWAC 208-460-140

Are there any exceptions to the aggregate MBL limit?

(1) Credit unions that meet any one of the following four criteria qualify for an exception from the aggregate member business loan limit in WAC 208-460-130:
(a) Credit unions that have a low-income designation;
(b) Credit unions that participate in the Community Development Financial Institutions program;
(c) Credit unions that are chartered for the purpose of making member business loans, as supported by documentary evidence, such as the credit union's charter, bylaws, business plan, field of membership, board minutes and loan portfolio; and
(d) Credit unions that have a recent history of primarily making member business loans, established by the fact that the outstanding balance of member business loans comprises:
(i) At least twenty-five percent of the outstanding balance of the credit union's loans; or
(ii) The largest portion of the outstanding balance of the credit union's loans.
Such facts must be evidenced in an NCUA call report or any equivalent documentation, such as financial statements, for a period within two years before the date of application. For example, a credit union qualifies for the exception under (d)(ii) of this subsection if, based on the outstanding balance of a credit union's loans, the credit union's loan portfolio is comprised of twenty-three percent member business loans, twenty-two percent first mortgage loans, twenty-two percent new automobile loans, twenty percent credit card loans, and thirteen percent total other real estate loans.
(2) Unless the director gives his or her prior consent, a credit union granted an exception from the aggregate MBL limit may not make MBL in excess of the greater of:
(a) Twelve and one quarter percent of the credit union's total assets; or
(b) Three times the credit union's net worth.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 31.12.426(1), 31.12.516(2), 43.320.040. WSR 01-10-084, ยง 208-460-140, filed 5/1/01, effective 6/1/01.]
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