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PDFWAC 204-24-015


(1) "All wheel drive" means a vehicle which has four-wheel drive capability and may be driven with all wheels in gear.
(2) "Alternative traction device (ATD)" means pneumatically driven chains which, when engaged, spin under the drive wheels automatically as traction is lost or a traction device differing from metal chains in construction, material or design but capable of providing traction equal to or exceeding that of such metal chains under similar conditions.
(3) "Automatic tire chain" means an air-operated centrifugal force system which deploys short lengths of chain underneath the drive wheels.
(4) "Cable laid rope" means a compound laid rope consisting of several ropes or several layers of strands laid together into one rope.
(5) "Cable tire chains" means any ladder-type cable tire chain assemblies designed for use on tires that have been manufactured in accordance with the standards of the Tire & Rim Association, Inc.; 3200 West Market Street; Akron, Ohio 44313.
(6) "Cross cable fastener" means any suitable fastener used to attach each cross cable to the side cable. The fastener must be constructed and assembled to prevent accidental detachment.
(7) "Cross cable traction reinforcement sleeves" means a device that is constructed of the manufacturer's specified material and of suitable length and width to maximize traction, braking, cornering and longevity.
(8) "Fastener" means any suitable connecting device, secured to one end of a side cable constructed so that it can connect to the opposing end and be easily closed (engaged or fastened) and be readily opened (released) by hand.
(9) "Link tire chains" means tire chains which consist of at least two chain loops, one on each side of the tire, connected by evenly spaced metal cross chains across the tire tread.
(10) "Reinforced cross cables" means stranded cable wrapped or covered to provide increased resistance to abrasive wear. This covering may be either a hard drawn spring wire, a high-carbon steel wire or nylon type 6 or 12. The wrapped or covered cable must be enclosed by traction reinforcement sleeves covering said cable essentially from side connector to side connector. Cross cable must be of specified length and provide proper drape over the tire tread.
(11) "Side cable" means stranded cable to complete one full circumference along the tire sidewall.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.37.005 and 46.37.420. WSR 14-21-076, § 204-24-015, filed 10/13/14, effective 11/13/14; WSR 10-19-073, § 204-24-015, filed 9/16/10, effective 10/17/10; WSR 08-24-030, § 204-24-015, filed 11/24/08, effective 12/25/08.]
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