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PDFWAC 204-10-014


(1) "Eye glasses" means any spectacles, sunglasses, or goggles having two separately mounted lenses, excluding contact lenses.
(2) "Goggles" means an optical device worn over the eyes, the predominant function of which is to protect the eyes without obstructing peripheral vision. They provide protection from the front and sides and may or may not form a complete seal with the face.
(3) "Face shield" means an eye protector attached to a helmet or headband(s) and which covers the wearer's eyes and face at least to a point approximately to the tip of the nose and whose predominant function is protection of the eyes.
(4) "FMVSS" means Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) Part 571.
(5) "Headband" means the part of an eye protection device consisting of a supporting band or other structure that either encircles the head or protective helmet, or can be attached thereto.
(6) "Motor vehicle" means passenger vehicles, multipurpose passenger vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, and buses which are intended for use on public highways, excluding commercial vehicles as defined under RCW 46.04.140.
(7) "Recognized manufacturer" means a person, firm, copartnership, association, or corporation who is or has engaged in the business of manufacturing motor vehicles intended for use on the public highways and offered for sale in interstate commerce.
(8) "Reflectorized warning device" means any device listed in RCW 46.37.450 or any device composed of a reflective sheeting material which consists of spherical lens elements embedded with a transparent plastic having a smooth, flat outer surface. The sheeting must be weather resistant and have a protected, low tac, precoated adhesive backing.
(9) "Reflex reflector" means a device that is used on vehicles to give an indication of presence to an approaching driver by reflecting light from the headlamps of the approaching vehicle.
(10) "SAE" means the Society of Automotive Engineers. Copies of the SAE Standards are available for review at the Washington State Patrol, 210 11th Avenue, Olympia, WA 98504, and may also be ordered from the Society of Automotive Engineers International, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 15086-7511.
(11) "Wheelchair conveyance" means any vehicle specially manufactured or designed for transportation of a physically or medically impaired person who is either wheelchair-bound or otherwise walking impaired. The vehicle may be a separate vehicle used in lieu of a wheelchair or a vehicle used for transporting the impaired person who is simultaneously occupying a wheelchair.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.37.005. WSR 15-19-102, § 204-10-014, filed 9/18/15, effective 10/19/15. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.37.005 and 46.37.320. WSR 09-22-078, § 204-10-014, filed 11/3/09, effective 12/4/09; WSR 08-19-079, § 204-10-014, filed 9/16/08, effective 10/17/08.]
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