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PDFWAC 200-230-070

Guidelines for selecting designs for major works.

Proposing entities must address the following guidelines in proposing a design for a major work. Formal proposals prepared by proposing entities must include a description of how the design considers and responds to each of these guidelines. DES, CCDAC and SCC will use the following guidelines to evaluate and recommend or approve a final design selection.
(1) Legibility and meaning. The intended message of the work shall be clear and understandable, regardless of its type or style. The work shall convey meaning of enduring value that will continue its significance for future generations.
(2) Approachability and accessibility. Works shall be designed to permit people to engage with them: To have visual clues as to their location and to get close enough to be able to read them and examine details. Because major works often are gathering points, they shall be designed to meet Americans with Disability Act standards and, when necessary, provide such amenities as seating, paving, handrails, and ramps.
(3) Materials. Materials shall be chosen for their durability, sculptural qualities, visibility, and maintainability. Consideration shall also be given to rhythm and harmony with the existing setting.
(4) Vulnerability. The design of major and minor works shall be conscious of the potential for vandalism and minimize the opportunity for intentional defacement or destruction.
(5) Climatic context. The design shall consider issues of sunlight and shade, wind, rain and the variety of Washington seasons.
(6) Evening illumination. Major and minor works may be enhanced with night illumination integral to the work's design. Such illumination shall not conflict with other works, open space, buildings and their inhabitants, and the overall landscape.
(7) Completion. Works that by their nature are not complete at the time of installation, such as those to which names or dates are to be added over time, are strongly discouraged.
(8) Text and inscriptions. Lists of any kind are discouraged. Text and inscriptions shall be meaningful to the broadest possible audience. Inscriptions and text on monuments, works of art and related plaques shall be limited to interpretive information about the work itself or the subject it commemorates. Dedication plaques shall be limited to name of the artist or designer, name of the proponent group, and the date completed or dedicated. The proposed use of donor tiles not defined as plaques shall be approved as part of the overall design of a work.
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