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PDFWAC 200-230-040

Administrative requirements for major and minor works on state capitol grounds.

Prior to construction, proposing entities must execute an agreement with the department of enterprise services that addresses the following administrative requirements in proposals for major or minor works.
(1) All development and installation costs, including required modifications and improvements to campus roads, sidewalks and utilities, shall be provided by the proposing entity.
(2) The cost of new works shall be paid for by the proposing entity. Prior to construction or installation of an approved work, the director shall determine that the proposing entity has available sufficient funds to complete the project. The proposing entity shall also make provisions for coverage of all maintenance and repair costs throughout the existence of the work. This is commonly accomplished through an endowment fund estimated at ten percent of the original project cost, or may be set at an amount determined by the director. If a major or minor work is incorporated into a state-funded repair or improvement, an agreement will be negotiated between the proposing entity and the state specifying how the project costs including construction, maintenance and repairs will be shared.
(3) Complete conservation records that include specific information on materials and sources used in the execution, methods of fabrication, installation specifications, recommended method and frequency of maintenance, shall be provided to the state upon the completion of all new works.
Upon final placement and completion of a work that has been designed for or donated to the state for display on state capitol grounds, the state shall become sole owner of the work. The original artist or designer holds no rights to any work commissioned, donated, or purchased for display on state capitol grounds, including reproduction, access, modification, relocation, resale, etc., unless such rights are specifically allowed in formal written agreement between the director and the artist.
The state reserves the right to relocate or remove any works. Relocation planning will include consultation with the original artist and interested parties whenever practical.
Starting in 2030, following the centennial of the legislative building completion, and every fifty years thereafter, the state shall conduct a review of all monuments and memorials on state capitol grounds and recommend removal and appropriate disposition of those no longer meeting the criteria in WAC 236-18-030. The SCC shall approve all such actions.
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