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PDFWAC 200-220-210

Enterprise services may set reasonable time, place, and manner limits on activities.

We may establish reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions for use of the public areas of the capitol buildings and grounds, according to design, health, safety, operational or other such considerations. We may make further details about such reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions available for public inspection during normal business hours or post them where appropriate. These may include, but are not limited to:
(1) Time and duration available for use;
(2) The maximum number of people or vehicles allowed at any particular location for any given time or period; and
(3) Locations available for use.
We will not permit an activity that would conflict with the date, time, or location of a previously permitted activity. We may recommend to you other options for dates, times, or locations if your request would conflict with a previously permitted activity.
No exhibits or displays may be placed in, or posted or affixed to, any capitol building.
Banners and signs may be used during an activity in a capitol building only if they are handheld and not affixed to sticks or poles. We will allow you to post way-finding signs during your permitted activity, subject to reasonable time, place, and manner limits.
You may place or post banners, signs, exhibits or displays on the capitol grounds. Such items must be removed at the end of the activity. Such items must identify the sponsor and contain a disclaimer stating that the items are not owned, maintained, promoted, or supported by or associated with the state. The state assumes no liability for loss or damage to such items.
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