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PDFWAC 200-110-220

Standards for operationProviding services to nonmembers.

(1) Nonmember local governments may purchase claims administration, risk management, claims processing and/or other ongoing significant support services through an interlocal agreement as authorized by chapter 39.34 RCW. Nonmembers shall not participate in any coverages of the joint self-insurance program including the self-insured retention layer and the excess insurance or reinsurance layer. This section is not intended to preclude nonmembers purchasing services from becoming members of the joint self-insurance program, provided the nonmember meets the requirements of WAC 200-110-210 and is eligible for membership as authorized by RCW 48.62.021(1). This section is not intended to limit programs from providing occasional risk management or other support services to nonmembers, but is intended to provide standards for members providing ongoing significant services to nonmembers.
(2) A program intending to provide ongoing significant services to nonmembers shall submit a written plan to the state risk manager for approval prior to providing services. The plan shall include, at a minimum, the services to be provided, the time frame for providing such services, the expected revenues and expenditures resulting from providing said services, and a written legal determination of all potential federal and state tax liabilities created by providing services to nonmembers. The arrangement to provide such services shall be approved in writing by the state risk manager within sixty days of the joint self-insurance program's final plan submission.
(3) Every joint self-insurance program providing ongoing significant services to nonmembers as of the effective date of these regulations must submit a written plan meeting the requirements stated herein.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.62.061. WSR 17-22-048, § 200-110-220, filed 10/25/17, effective 11/25/17. Statutory Authority: 2011 c 43. WSR 11-23-093, recodified as § 200-110-220, filed 11/17/11, effective 11/17/11. Statutory Authority: RCW 48.62.061. WSR 10-14-034, § 82-65-220, filed 6/28/10, effective 10/1/10.]
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