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PDFWAC 197-11-390

Effect of threshold determination.

(1) When the responsible official makes a threshold determination, it is final and binding on all agencies, subject to the provisions of this section and WAC 197-11-340, 197-11-360, and Part Six.
(2) The responsible official's threshold determination:
(a) For proposals listed in WAC 197-11-340(2), shall not be final until fourteen days after issuance.
(b) Shall not apply if another agency with jurisdiction assumes lead agency status under WAC 197-11-948.
(c) Shall not apply when withdrawn by the responsible official under WAC 197-11-340 or 197-11-360.
(d) Shall not apply when reversed on appeal.
(3) Regardless of any appeals, a DS or DNS issued by the responsible official may be considered final for purposes of other agencies' planning and decision making unless subsequently changed, reversed, or withdrawn.
[Statutory Authority: 1995 c 347 (ESHB 1724) and RCW 43.21C.110. WSR 97-21-030 (Order 95-16), § 197-11-390, filed 10/10/97, effective 11/10/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.110. WSR 84-05-020 (Order DE 83-39), § 197-11-390, filed 2/10/84, effective 4/4/84.]
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