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PDFWAC 196-25-070

Providing direct supervision.

Direct supervision by a licensee is described as follows:
(1) Maintaining control over those decisions that are the basis for the findings, conclusions, analyses, rationale, details, and judgments required for the preparation of engineering or land surveying plans, specifications, plats, surveys, land descriptions as defined by WAC 332-130-020, reports, as-built documents prepared by the licensee, and related activities.
(2) Requires providing personal direction, oversight, inspection, observation and supervision of the work being certified.
(3) These actions may include, but are not limited to: Direct face-to-face communications; written communications; U.S. mail; electronic mail; facsimiles; telecommunications, or other current technology.
(4) Contractual or employment relations must be in place between the licensee and unlicensed preparer to qualify as direct supervision.
(5) Mentoring is not direct supervision. Reviewing documents as defined by WAC 196-23-020, after preparation without involvement in the design and development process as described above cannot be accepted as direct supervision.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.43.035. WSR 23-01-052, § 196-25-070, filed 12/14/22, effective 1/14/23; WSR 10-05-017, § 196-25-070, filed 2/4/10, effective 3/7/10; WSR 06-22-033, § 196-25-070, filed 10/25/06, effective 11/25/06. Formerly WAC 196-23-030.]
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